Thank you for being part of an historic night. IINE’s 37th Golden Door Award Gala honoring Dr. Rafael Reif, the president of MIT, was a success because of you.

Nearly 700 people from all across the globe gathered Thursday evening in the ballroom at the InterContinental Hotel to celebrate the leadership of Dr. Reif and the international community of MIT.  In his speech to the gathering, President Reif reflected on the continuous need for renewal and innovation in American life.

As I have discovered through 40 years in academia, the hidden strength of a university is that every fall, it is refreshed by a new tide of students.  I am equally convinced that the genius of America is that it is continually refreshed by immigration…by the passionate energy, ingenuity, and drive of people hungry for a better life.” 

Dr. Reif’s remarks brought the crowd to their feet with applause and appreciation for his unique perspective on the role of immigrants in our community. He spoke sincerely and movingly about his own immigration story and how his past continues to influence his outlook and actions today. His parents fled Nazi Europe, moved to Latin America, and raised the future MIT President and his brothers in Venezuela. Dr. Reif came to America for graduate school, overcame early struggles with English, and eventually found a home at MIT.

“When we offer immigrants the gift of opportunity, we receive, in return, vital fuel for our future,” he said.

Thanks to the generosity of many people, the Gala raised more than $1,000,000 to support the critical services IINE provides to the region’s most vulnerable new Americans. If you were inspired by Thursday night’s celebration and IINE’s mission, here are three things you can do to help immigrants and refugees in New England:

  1. Donate to IINE. Our programs directly impact the health, well-being, and future of recently arrived immigrants.
  2. Volunteer, or get your company involved with us. IINE relies on volunteer and corporate support to sustain our programs.
  3. Learn More about IINE by subscribing to our e-mail list, or following us on social media.  TwitterInstagramFacebook, or LinkedIn.

Thank you for celebrating with Dr. Reif and the MIT community, and for standing with refugees and immigrants. We offer again our gratitude to Noubar Afeyan & Bob Millard who co-chaired the Gala Host Committee, and to the Host Committee members, outstandingly generous corporate sponsors and supporters.  We also want to acknowledge the wonderful storytellers and musicians who shared their talent and enthusiasm.

We look forward to seeing you soon. The Gala is one special night, but your support is needed throughout the year.

Jeff Thielman
President & CEO

The 2018 Golden Door Award Gala is presented by:

Leadership Sponsors:

The Executive Committee of the MIT Corporation
Denis Bovin, Ursula M. Burns,  Mark P. Gorenberg & Cathrin Stickney, Bethany & Robert Millard, Alan & Terri Spoon Family Foundation, John A. Thain, Diana Chapman Walsh,Susan Whitehead, and Barrie R. Zesiger