Alexis Kubana - IINE

Alexis Kubana
Associate Director, Workforce Development

Kubana is an innovative leader with a strong community focus. He has more than 13 years of experience working closely with fellow refugees and immigrants, including as an IINE Skills Training Specialist, coordinating training programs and overseeing enrollment, case management, job placement support, and job readiness instruction. In his current role he is responsible for both strengthening existing workforce initiatives, and developing, implementing, and evaluating new ones. 

In 2014, Kubana founded Tomorrow Vijana (Youth), a refugee-led non-profit organization based in Uganda that aims to empower refugees to rebuild their lives by providing education and skills training, and promoting economic empowerment, enhanced livelihoods, and the promotion of health for all. Tomorrow Vijana also aims to challenge negative attitudes toward refugees by showcasing their strengths and skills, and the value that they bring to society.  

During his free time, Kubana enjoys playing and watching soccer games, socializing with his friends, and dancing.