Licensed Nursing Assistant (LNA) Program in Manchester, NH

Are you interested in finding a good, dependable job in the healthcare field?

Enroll in L.N.A. for Success

This 18-week program combines English language instruction with classroom and hands-on healthcare experience. Students will prepare for the NH Board of Nursing L.N.A. licensing exam. 

Earn 2 certificates in 1 program

  • L.N.A. for Success Certificate for English language skills
  • L.N.A. Training Certificate from Manchester Community College (required for the state certification exam and the NH Board of Nursing license application)

L.N.A. Course Schedule

Module 1:
July 25 – Sept 9, 2022
English for the Healthcare Workplace

Module 2:
Sept 12 – Nov 20, 2022
Clinical Skills Training

Module 3:
Nov 21 – Dec 8, 2022
Test Preparation

This project was funded in part by grants from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and New Hampshire Women’s Foundation.

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