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Anca Moraru
Refugee Programmatic and Finance Director

Anca Moraru, has worked at the International Institute since 2008. As the Refugee Program and Finance Director, Anca is responsible for overseeing all financial and programmatic aspects of Resettlement and Matching Grant Programs in Boston and Lowell, MA and Manchester, NH..

Prior to her current role, Anca served as the Director of Resettlement and Quality Improvement for all three sites from 2010 to 2015, managing contract requirements, staff, and  internal and external audits, . She was responsible for managing systems for monitoring and evaluation of programs and overall quality assurance of client services.

Anca started at the International Institute in 2008 as a case manager and worked directly with clients, helping them obtain housing, receive appropriate services and integrate into the U.S. In 2009, Anca moved into the Resettlement Manger position where she coordinated and oversaw services to refugees, asylees and victims of trafficking while maintain her own caseload.

Anca resides in Attleboro, MA with her husband. She graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Masters of Arts in Communication Studies.