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Donors Share Why They Give

  November 17, 2023

Dedicated donors make the International Institute of New England’s work supporting thousands of refugee and immigrant families possible. Hear from donors about their personal connections to IINE and the reasons they are compelled to support our mission.

Wade Rubinstein

Leadership Council Member

“It was at a Suitcase Stories event back in 2017 that I first learned about the International Institute of New England. I was so moved by the stories I heard, I became an IINE volunteer in Lowell tutoring recent arrivals in English. It is a singularly American experience to sit in an IINE classroom with twenty people of different nationalities, genders, and ages learning English together.

As the son and grandson of immigrants to the United States, I feel compelled to help people seeking a better life for themselves and their families. My wife, Jill Block, and I are committed to supporting IINE’s mission with our philanthropic giving. It’s a joy to know that our contributions are helping people from all over the world settle in New England and build productive lives.”

A presenter shares her journey at a Suitcase Stories event

Pam Chung

ESOL Tutor

Immigrants, often refugees, arrive in the U.S. bewildered, frightened, and overwhelmed. They come here with hopes for a better life than the one they left, and many really had no choice. I was lucky to be born and raised here and I am glad to share my good fortune with others who have had a challenging path.

IINE provides tools for immigrants to succeed, and we benefit from them being here. Take a look around and see who is providing services at restaurants, hotels and airports, not to mention health care, and more. It is important for me to help provide people with the tools they need to succeed in this new, foreign world. And it is fun and gratifying for me to learn from them. There is much to be gained from the friendship and assistance of these newly arrived members of our society, and I believe strongly that I, and you, should donate to IINE to help it continue its work. The International Institute does a marvelous job, under a great deal of pressure, with grace, care and good humor. 

A student in our Certified Nursing Assistant training program

Annie and Bob Schmalz

Long-Time Supporters

After the 2016 election we were horrified with the anti-immigrant rhetoric and activity and began to look for ways to help refugees. We learned of IINE at that time. We brought a program from IINE to our continuing care retirement community, Carleton-Willard, and collected items to be donated. I attended an annual award banquet in Boston. Our son is an attorney for INS and we are aware of what is going on from that point of view. Our connection to IINE is a tangible way that we can do something. 

Julianne Mehegan

Dedicated Supporter

I support the International Institute of New England because of its long track record and proven results in helping immigrants and refugees. IINE has developed programs to support these newcomers and ensure they get the health care, language skills and training needed to become productive citizens. Now more than ever the services of IINE are needed to smooth the way for new generations of immigrants.

Our ESOL students receive help from teachers and tutors

Refugees and immigrants find safety and hope in our region because of supporters like you. Please consider donating today. 


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