The International Institute of New England has been selected by the Commonwealth Corps to host two service positions that will support English for Speakers of Other Languages and Skills Training programs in IINE’s Boston office. The members will serve as Commonwealth Corps Career Readiness Specialists to ensure immigrants and refugees facing under- and unemployment can access the education, resources and customized service plans needed to achieve successful job training, job placement, or position advancement. Corps members serve for 10.5 months from mid-August through June. The service internship program has a dual focus on members’ positive impact on their organizations and communities, and on members’ own growth and professional development.

“We are very happy to have the opportunity to welcome two Commonwealth Corps members this summer,” Anca Moraru said. She is the Managing Director of IINE in Boston. “This program will greatly benefit both IINE students and the  participating Corps members.”

The Commonwealth Corps is a state-funded service internship program that places full- and half-time members at nonprofits across the Commonwealth in the areas of education, workforce development, health and nutrition, and youth development and violence prevention. The mission of the Commonwealth Corps service internship program is to engage Massachusetts residents of all ages and backgrounds in direct service to strengthen communities, address critical community needs, and increase volunteerism. By taking on a year of service, participants can positively impact their communities while gaining skills and experience.

Mary Blunt is the manager of IINE’s Skills Training program in Boston. Her first association with IINE was as a Commonwealth Corps member three years ago. She is one of two former Corps members currently working at IINE Boston.

“As a proud Commonwealth Corps alumna, I know exactly how influential this experience can be on a Corps member’s life,” Mary said. “My participation in that program led directly to my present work teaching and supporting refugees and immigrants  as they advance along their career paths.”

Recruitment for program candidates begins immediately, and details are available on our careers portal.