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IINE Community Response to COVID-19

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Phone numbers    Email addresses
Boston 617-695-9990      English Classes, Skills Training Classes 
Lowell  978-459-9031      English Classes, Skills Training (CNA)
Manchester  603-647-1500      General inquiries
Legal Services 617-801-5258      Legal Services, Citizenship Information

Program Info for the month of June 2020

Since closing our offices for in-person services on March 13, 2020, IINE has provided remote services to 1,601 clients, including 545 people in Boston, 697 in Lowell, and 359 in Manchester/Nashua.  We are now beginning to see a limited number of clients on site, by appointment only.

Thanks to the support of our generous benefactors, IINE’s case management and education staff and volunteers have been able to provide a lifeline to people disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19 impact. Below is a summary of IINE’s emergency relief services since the start of the pandemic:

  • 603 instances of emergency employment support
  • 818 provisions of emergency food and supplies to refugee and immigrant families
  • 132 instances of emergency housing support, including emergency rental assistance
  • 53 instances of emergency medical support
  • 883 instances of emergency public benefits support – (including unemployment applications)
  • 221 instances of youth support and educational coordination for kids
  • 1,127 wellness checks
  • 558 instances of emergency Adult Education support
  • 206 instances of emergency cash assistance


During the month of June 2020, IINE enrolled 41 new unique clients across its three sites, within its core service areas (Community Services, Employment, Education, and Legal Services). To date, 1,913 unique clients have been served within these service areas.

IINE also enrolled and served an additional 39 new unique individuals via its Coronavirus response work; these represent clients who were not served within any other IINE program during the month of June. The grand total of unique clients served, including COVID-19 response work, is 2,318 year to date.

Please consider supporting IINE at this time so that we may continue to provide emergency support to people most impacted by COVID-19.

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Since March 13, 2020, the vast majority of IINE employees are working remotely to keep safe and practice social distancing. For an organization that thrives on personal connection, face-to-face service delivery, and group interaction, it was an adjustment for us to move our operations online. It wasn’t long, though, before we found that services could continue to be delivered, classes could still be interactive, and meetings – for better or worse – could still take place. Here’s a quick and lighthearted take on how IINE staff and clients have been making the  best of working from home.

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