Famoh Toure, Interpreting Program Coordinator

A refugee himself, Famoh grew up in Guinea and immigrated to New Jersey in December of 2000. In June 2002, he moved to New Hampshire. He earned both a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Organizational Leadership and a master’s degree in International Community Economic Development from Southern New Hampshire University. During graduate school, he became familiar with the Institute’s work through volunteering in case management and employment services at the IINE- Manchester site office. Famoh previously worked as a Case Manager for Community Bridges, a New Hampshire nonprofit that supports individuals with disabilities, and as a Project Coordinator at the Concord Development Center for Immigrants where he designed literacy programs.

As Interpreting Program Coordinator, Famoh recruits, screens, hires, and trains interpreters for IINE-Manchester’s new Interpreting Services Program, Pinpoint Translation. Pinpoint Translation is a joint partnership between IINE-Manchester and Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island (DIIRI). Famoh acts as the Institute’s liaison with DIIRI, conducting client outreach, and engaging potential business partners who are interested in translation services. Famoh’s long-term engagement with New Hampshire’s refugee and immigrant community enabled him to contract and train 82 immigrant and refugee interpreters.

Famoh is glad to have found his way back to the Institute and is excited to build a team of professional interpreters and translators to support the growing foreign-born community in New Hampshire.

For more information about Interpreting and Translation Services, email Famoh at ftoure@iine.org.