We asked our employees what they like most about their jobs at IINE. Here’s what they said:

Britney Aranda, Home Study and Post
Release Program Case Manager, IINE-Boston

“I’m able to advocate for our minors while
giving them a voice that empowers them to
thrive. There’s no greater feeling than seeing a client succeed.”



Molly Short Carr, Program Director,

“I’m excited to join IINE at a time when
we’re looking at how to better care for the
populations we serve. The investment in
building sustainable solutions is refreshing.”

Siham Erramli, Employment Services
Case Specialist, IINE-Boston

“My job continuously teaches me about
people, about compassion, and about myself.
In helping others, I am reminded that we are
all in this together.”

Amadou Hamady, Community
Relations Director, IINE-Manchester

“I enjoy the sincere appreciation I receive from
not only my boss and my colleagues, but the
clients and providers I work with. My work
truly values people on a personal level.”



Richard Kokro, Refugee Resettlement
Services Case Specialist, IINE-Lowell

“I have a great zeal for listening to people and
understanding their plights. In this job I’m able
to make an impact in their lives and help them
attain their goals.”


Peter Saati, Office and
Volunteer Coordinator, IINE-Lowell

“I love the moment after English class breaks
out and clients from around the world pour
into the lobby laughing and smiling. It’s truly