In the final months of FY22, IINE resettled more than 500 Afghan evacuees while simultaneously providing intensive case management and essential services to Haitians displaced by natural disasters and political unrest, children who crossed the U.S. border unaccompanied, and Ukrainians uprooted by war in their homeland. This human rights crisis has created an unparalleled and unexpected need for refugee services in our communities. Fortunately, it has also catalyzed vital collaboration 

Our new community sponsorship model, Resettle Together, is a collaborative effort between carefully selected groups of volunteers, and agency resettlement staff, working together under a formal agreement to prepare for and welcome refugees into their communities. Unlike a more “traditional” refugee resettlement approach, with community sponsorship, groups take on some of the core services performed by IINE’s case specialists and volunteers. This model not only adds capacity for IINE staff members who provide intensive services, but also allows community members to better understand the refugee experience and build direct relationships with arriving families.  Click to learn more about our Resettle Together program.