There are compelling humanitarian, civic, and economic reasons for welcoming refugees and immigrants to New England.

Our region’s modest population growth, which is critical to the expansion of our economy, depends almost entirely on immigration. Approximately 28% of Boston’s population is foreign-born, and both New Hampshire and Massachusetts are in desperate need of people to work in a broad variety of industries. Growing the regional and the U.S. economy requires the U.S. to admit more refugees and immigrants.

The growing diversity of our population is a great strength. New Americans embrace our values, are eager to contribute, and enrich local communities. With more refugees in the world than at any point in recent history, it is critical that we welcome displaced people to our shores and support them as they restart their lives in our communities – it is not only our responsibility, but a privilege.

Those who work for IINE, volunteer with us, provide financial support, and serve on our Advisory Councils and Board of Directors often are more inspired by the people we serve, and their resilience and dedication, than they are by us. That is the beauty of our work.