Hi Everyone!  

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Thanks for visiting my fundraising page. In one month I will be racing in the USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals, and I intend to use the opportunity to raise money and awareness for this organization, the International Institute of New England (IINE). This team does incredible work for so many newly arrived families, and people that have been here and are trying to improve their standing in life. I have dedicated a lot of time and resources to IINE since our move to Boston as a board member, a donor, a volunteer, and an avid supporter of the Institute's mission and vision.

The mission of the International Institute of New England is to help immigrants and refugees acclimate and thrive in their new environment in the greater Boston area. We believe this goal strengthens our economic and cultural vibrancy, and as importantly represents values of openness, tolerance, and inclusiveness that have not always been popular, but have been essential to the vitality of the US since it's founding.  

The Institute is at a critical time in it's 100 year history, in which we are investing in infrastructure to scale and better serve our clients.  

Unfortunately, this happens to coincide with a divisive environment towards immigrants and refugees nationally, if not internationally, and makes our mission, and raising funds to support it, more valuable than ever.

Please click the Donate Today button and donate what you are willing. Multiple period donations are preferred. There is also a Twitter feed, a Facebook group, LinkedIn page, and an email list, if any of those would suit you as well. Or, join us for one of our upcoming events in Boston, Manchester, or Lowell, listed on the following page: https://iine.org/events/

Thank you so much for your support.


PS - If I place in the top 20, I will qualify for the International Triathlon Union World Championships in Australia.  That's my goal.

What Your Donation Supports

$25,000 Supports 25 individual refugees during their first year in New England
$10,000 Supports healthcare navigation services for 15 refugee families for one year
$ 5,000 Supports a family of five refugees during their first year in New England
$ 1,000 Funds 40 hours of English classes and workforce training for refugees and immigrants
$ 750 Provides emergency prescriptions for 15 refugees who arrive without their needed medicine $ 500 Buys groceries for a family of four for three weeks
$ 250 Supports four hours of “English for Employment” classes
$ 75 Allows for the purchase of winter clothes for newly arrived Americans unaccustomed to winter