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IINE Statement on Biden Administration Extending and Redesignating TPS for Ukraine

  August 31, 2023

The International Institute of New England (IINE) commends the Biden administration’s decision to extend and redesignate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Ukraine until April 2025. As Russia continues its relentless attacks on Ukraine—which have caused more than 5.1 million Ukrainians to be internally displaced and another 6.2 million to flee the country—returning to their home country is not a safe or viable option for Ukrainians. The TPS extension ensures the protection of the 26,000 Ukrainian TPS beneficiaries currently living in the U.S. and the redesignation will protect the 166,000+ Ukrainians who have arrived here more recently.  

While the TPS extension is a necessary step, it is not a long-term solution. IINE urges the passage of the Ukrainian Adjustment Act, which was introduced in Congress in June of this year. The Ukrainian Adjustment Act would allow Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees to apply for permanent resident status in the U.S.  

IINE staff at Boston University’s Ukrainian Festival

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, IINE has welcomed and served 615 Ukrainians, helping them to obtain cash assistance and medical benefits, secure housing, enroll in ESOL courses, and enter the workforce. We recently joined our clients in recognizing Ukrainian Independence Day. The August 24 holiday marks the date in 1991 when Ukraine’s parliament declared its independence from the Soviet Union. Celebrating Ukraine’s independence is particularly important in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion, and we are reminded of the courage, determination, and resilience of the Ukrainian people. For those who made the brave decision to come to the U.S, it has become home; they deserve the right to stay.  

IINE’s donors are our heroes! When Russia invaded Ukraine, you stepped up. You helped ensure that families who come to Massachusetts and New Hampshire find welcome and life-saving support. Now, your help is needed once more.

Violence, chaos, and widespread food and water shortages in Haiti are endangering the lives of its people. IINE is currently serving more than 5,000 Haitian immigrants – a number unlike anything we have ever seen before. Learn more and discover how to support this vulnerable population here:


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