Dear IINE Friends and Supporters: 

On Friday, June 24th, the United States Supreme Court rescinded a 50-year-old constitutional right allowing women in all 50 states safe and legal access to abortion. The Court’s decision means that in some states, women will have the right to make their own decisions about their reproductive health, while other states will deny them this right.    

IINE’s Senior Vice President, Alexandra Weber, wrote IINE’s official statement condemning this ruling on the day the Court made its announcement. You can read her statement here 

The International Institute of New England will continue to provide our employees with health insurance that covers the cost of reproductive health care and will advocate against any efforts that impinge on this right.  

There is much more to worry about. At least one member of the Court wants to use the rationale of last week’s decision known as “Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization” to overturn Supreme Court precedent on birth control and gay marriage. I am horrified that our country would even consider abandoning these cornerstones of human rights. 

IINE is joining the growing number of organizations signing onto the Don’t Ban Equality Initiative, and we also urge others to participate.   

I believe it falls on all of us to speak out against this life-shattering decision and do all we can to protect equal and human rights in our country. The decision to overturn the human right to make personal reproductive choices is wrong, harmful, and further divides the country. It cannot stand. 

In solidarity,