Certified Nursing Assistant Program

Are you interested in finding a good, dependable job in the healthcare field?

This course is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education, is designed especially for English Language Learners seeking a career in the healthcare field.

  • The course includes class topics: English for Employment in Healthcare, skills development, and job readiness preparation.
  • Students will participate in clinical training: a 100-hour Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) module conducted by instructors from Middlesex Community College.
  • Finally, students will prepare for the CNA licensing exam.
  • Classes will take place online and on-site.

Important Notice

  • Students must have U.S. Work Authorization in order to apply, and must pass a basic English language screening to enroll in the class.
  • This course is free for qualified students.
  • Presented in partnership with Lowell Public Schools and Middlesex Community College.
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Module I

November 30 – December 16
*Fully remote
Students participate in classroom lessons, including English for employment in healthcare and workplace orientation.

Module II

January 4 – March 24
64 hours mostly remote with the addition of 35 hours of hands-on skills training.

Module III

March 29 – April 7
*Tentatively remote
Students participate in job readiness training.

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