LOWELL – The International Institute of New England (IINE), along with other service providers and business leaders in Lowell are proud to release a new report highlighting the significant economic contributions immigrants make to Lowell.

This research project, in conjunction with New American Economy’s Gateways to Growth initiative, brings new data and conclusive answers to the question: “How do immigrants impact the local community?” The answer is: deeply, significantly, and permanently.

“Immigration is a critical component of Lowell’s identity. My organization, the International Institute of New England, has been welcoming immigrants to Lowell for over 100 years and the same things were true at our founding that are true today: Lowell’s community and economy would be unrecognizable without the contributions of immigrants,” said Emma Tobin, Lowell Program Director and Director of Research Initiatives and Impact Assessment, International Institute of New England.

“Gateways for Growth is an opportunity to bring together diverse community members and think strategically about how to ensure that everyone’s contributions are recognized and celebrated and that everyone has an opportunity to succeed in the City of Lowell.”

“As the son of Taiwanese immigrants to Guatemala, and an immigrant myself to the United States, I believe that people like me have a responsibility to ensure that everyone arriving in this community, including immigrants, is empowered to pursue their goals,” said Chris Ko. He is the Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation Specialist, at International Institute of New England.

“The research produced under Gateways for Growth confirms definitively that immigrants contribute to the City of Lowell and its economy.”