Imagine worrying every time you had to bring a loved one to the doctor, drive to the store to buy groceries, or drive to get your kids from school, you may be separated from your family. This was a daily reality for some immigrants living in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts until today.

Today, thanks to the passing of the Massachusetts Work and Family Mobility Act, which would allow all eligible residents to obtain a state-issued ID or driver’s license regardless of immigration status, we all have cause to celebrate.

Allowing every eligible resident in the state to apply for an ID or driver’s license means we will all drive on safer roads, more employees will be able to access jobs, and families will have easier access to the essential goods, services, and activities that are required of basic daily living.

The International Institute of New England is grateful for the tireless work of community advocates, labor unions, business leaders, law enforcement members, and elected officialsincluding Boston Mayor Michelle Wu—who supported this initiative. Our organization is here to support immigrants and their families as they navigate this new process.