By Alexis Kubana
Manager, Skills Training Program

IINE’s accelerated Hospitality Training Program includes 40 training hours over the course of two and a half weeks. Our program screens, trains, and places well-qualified participants for all types of entry and mid –level positions in the hospitality industry.  All graduates are pre-screened for work eligibility, relevant work experience, customer service skills and commitment to beginning a career in the Hospitality field.

During this Training, a recruiter from one of our employer partners, Encore Boston Harbor’s Joe Feng, did a very informative presentation in our class and hosted a tour for our graduates.  Students were happy to visit the casino, and learned what is required to be successful in very fast-paced environment.

A special thanks to our partners CONNECT, the leadership of Mayor Arrigo, and the City of Revere for its generous funding and support of our program. Thanks as well to the Revere Society for Cultural & Historic Preservation for welcoming us into their space and ensuring we had everything we needed to make this program run smoothly.

Congratulations to the seventeen students who successfully graduated on November 21 at the Revere Historical Society. We look forward to continuing to work closely with graduates and employers throughout the  job placement process to ensure they will be successful in their new careers.