By Sarra Briki 
Intern, Marketing & Community Relations   

Serving refugees and immigrants for more than 100 years, IINE’s mission is built on community and resilience. With the rising challenges that COVID-19 imposes on all of us, we feel even more committed to keeping our community tightly connected and strengthening our sense of togetherness in these difficult times of social distancing.  

One way IINE is keeping connected is through the launch of our the Suitcase Stories® Circle. Building on the Suitcase Stories program of live storytelling performances, and the service that brings Suitcase Stories Unpacked to schools, corporations, and faith groups, the Suitcase Stories Circle is a new way to share community stories. 

During the past three years, more than 15,000 people  attended a live Suitcase Stories performance. In an effort to keep that enthusiasm alive in times of social distancing, and keep our community inspired by the unique tales of immigrants and refugees, we have expanded our online presence and created a new online platform.  

This online platform is designed to introduce members and storytellers to people from diverse nationalities. Suitcase Stories® Circle features a range of interactive experiences such as storyteller interviews, new audio and video releases, and behind-the-scenes information for monthly subscribers. 

Suitcase Stories® Circle is just one instance of IINE’s commitment to serving its community through this pandemic and keeping our clients, supporters, funders and friends informed and included.  

For the past two weeks, IINE has doubled down on its efforts to ensure a smooth transition from in-person to remote based services. In fact, we have successfully conducted 1,199 appointments by video and phone conference, moved our English Language courses on-line, and performed 435 “wellness checks” as part of critical case management efforts.  

Thanks to a visionary board, highly committed staff, and like-minded supportive partners, we continue to expand our online presence, grow our family across New England, and provide support for the most vulnerable among us. Until we meet again in person, we will see you online! 

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