Thank you for your dedication and continued support of the Institute.

Karen Márquez, IINE-Boston

On why she volunteers: “I am an ESOL volunteer and I assist the teachers with their lessons. I also have the opportunity to teach lessons myself and it is the most rewarding feeling in the world!”

Calley Milne, IINE-Manchester

Calley became a volunteer after reading a newspaper article about the Institute’s first resettled Syrian family. She has since been dedicated to helping them adjust to their new lives in Manchester.

Aneela Qureshi, IINE-Lowell

On why she volunteers: “I’m the daughter of two immigrant parents who came to this country from Pakistan with literally just theclothes on their back. By helping our friends at IINE, I am just paying it forward like so many folks did for my family.”

Elaine Schaffner, IINE-Manchester

Elaine is a volunteer from Manchester’s local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She has brought nearly 30 other volunteers to the Institute and has secured two storage units for in-kind donations!

Ursula Stone, IINE-Boston

On why she volunteers: “What motivated me to volunteer were my vivid memories of leaving my country, family, friends, and language behind to make a new life in aforeign place. If I can help make the transition for others easier, I’m glad to do so.”

Bill Watson, IINE-Lowell

For over six years, Bill has volunteered in nearly every facet of the English forEmployment Program. Currently, he leads the computer literacy, learner’s permit, and phonics classes.