Women’s Initiative

Resettlement can be particularly challenging for the refugee and immigrant women we serve because of their lower socioeconomic status and language barriers; many arrive preliterate in their home country’s language

These barriers impede women’s access to education, employment, and healthcare services.

Women and girls make up 50% of refugee and displaced populations worldwide

Refugee and immigrant women have unique needs often overlooked in social services designed to support refugee resettlement and early integration.

Refugee and immigrant women often watch their children and spouses acclimate during resettlement through school and work while they become isolated, lonely, and demoralized.

Without targeted programming from organizations like the International Institute of New England, hundreds of women, girls, and families may live at risk and not achieve their incredible potential.

How is IINE helping now?

We begin by building a trusting relationship. We look for signs of trauma, depression, and malnourishment and assess reproductive health.

We have developed special culturally appropriate programs to help refugee and immigrant women and girls connect with their peers, get parenting support, and provide safe learning spaces.

Our goal is to be able to support at least 500 refugee women and girls each year by implementing these targeted initiatives:

Refugee Community Leadership

A place for women to convene and connect, each IINE site will help identify community leaders that can work with us to create goals, reduce gender-specific barriers, and find opportunities to aid in refugee women’s successful adjustment and integration.

Economic Empowerment Programming

To further refugee women’s participation in education, language classes, and job training, IINE will introduce new education and economic-focused programming that will include childcare and transportation support to help refugee women achieve greater personal and economic freedom.

Refugee Women’s Health Initiative

Involuntarily displaced, many refugee women and girls are survivors of human rights abuses, including sexual violence that can profoundly affect their reproductive health. Through focused programming, IINE will better support women’s access to trauma-based, culturally sensitive care, including quality health and mental wellness services.

Safe Women, Safe Girls Programming

As refugee women adjust to new social norms and opportunities for increased personal autonomy, their risk for gender-based violence increases. IINE will introduce new violence prevention, crisis response, and legal support.