Refugees and immigrants often face barriers to employment – particularly, limited English proficiency and the cultural knowledge necessary to enter and succeed in the American workforce. Many of those IINE serves have had unique experiences of persecution and flight, which disrupt skill development and work history.

Critical to IINE’s mission is to provide a pathway to durable self-sufficiency for refugees and new immigrants so they are able to build a foundation of support for themselves and their families. IINE helps immigrants and refugees enter the workforce and offers a range of skills training programs that prepare clients for better paying opportunities, careers, and advanced education.

At each site, IINE offers an integrated Refugee Employment Services model combining English language instruction, employment services and industry skills training, and support services coordination. We provide newly-arrived refugee adults and other new immigrants with multi-level English language instruction with a focus on vocational preparation, and work to rapidly equip clients with the language skills and cultural knowledge needed to successfully enter the workforce. Our goal is to help beneficiaries pursue their educational and career goals in order to gain entry to better jobs, vocational training, and/or higher education.

Each year, IIINE trains and places over 650 refugees and new immigrants into the Massachusetts and New Hampshire workforce.

A unique component of our Employment program is our focus on industry-specific skills training. IINE-Boston site’s Hospitality Training Program (HTP) has a 19-year track record of training and placing refugees and immigrants into Boston’s best hotels. HTP is a six-week intensive program that offers a total of 135 hours of classroom instruction, on-site training, a Hospitality Certificate endorsed by the Massachusetts Lodging Association, and job placement in an area hotel. We also offer a Service Industry Training Program (SITP), a 10-week intensive program with a total of 315 hours of classroom instruction, on-site training, and job placement in the fields of hospitality, healthcare and banking.

In FY18, IINE will expand its skills training expertise and success to our Manchester, New Hampshire site. We expect to serve over 150 refugees and immigrants this coming year in newly developed occupational skills training programs targeting jobs in Manchester’s hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.