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We create opportunities for refugees and immigrants to succeed through resettlement, education, career advancement and pathways to citizenship.


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Refugees and immigrants are able to realize their dreams and contribute to New England’s growth and prosperity.

Latest News

805, 2018

Saving for the future in Lowell

When refugees first arrive in the U.S, their immediate goal is to become economically become sufficient as quickly as possible, and to learn to navigate their new community. It can be a challenging period of adjustment for individuals and families. IINE staff continually provide guidance and support and eventually the days get easier as people build their confidence. After an initial adjustment, dreams of starting a business or owning a new car or home [...]

805, 2018

Legal Immigration Forms Service Launches

Nearly every client that IINE serves across our three sites is in need of trustworthy and affordable assistance in adjusting their legal status in the U.S. IINE’s new Legal Immigration Forms Service (LIFS) offers low-cost, highquality support for a range of legal forms services in demand in the immigrant community, such as status adjustment, work authorization and family reunification application support. IINE launched LIFS in Boston in February under the direction of supervising attorney [...]

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