Love What You Do.
Every Step of the Way.

Not only are we passionate about our work, but we love the people we surround ourselves with. Come join us, you’ll see what we mean.

IINE welcomes interns across all three of our sites—Boston, MA, Lowell, MA, and Manchester, NH—in both program internships and administrative internships at our headquarters in Boston. 

IINE internships offer robust, hands-on experience for individuals of all ages to develop nonprofit leadership and refugee and immigrant direct service skills. While many of our cohort members are undergraduate or graduate students seeking academic credit and/or fulfilling graduation requirements, we welcome anyone who is interested in supporting immigrants and refugees to apply during one of our three internship cycles: Spring, Summer, and Fall. 

Beyond learning the ins and outs of the refugee resettlement process and how we support our clients, internships provide opportunities to take your learning to the next level through academic, vocational, and career training. As an intern, you can expect to receive onboarding and training specific to your team (no prior knowledge of the duties/responsibilities needed), direct support and mentorship from your IINE staff supervisor, and ongoing support with regular check-ins from the Intern Program Manager.

Throughout your internship with IINE, we hope you will achieve the following learning objectives

  • Recognize common challenges faced by immigrant and refugee populations 
  • Develop strong advocacy and interpersonal skills 
  • Identify best practices associated with case management and how to effectively conduct client meetings 
  • Capture important information from meetings and check-ins in concise case notes 
  • Identify and access community resources and services, particularly those responsive to the needs of refugees and immigrants. 
  • Understand the immigrant integration work and the US Refugee Resettlement program, as well as what part VOLAGs and resettlement agencies like the International Institute of New England play in receiving and integrating refugees. 
  • Respectfully express and engage with ideas and values in a multicultural, multilingual environment. 
Apply for an Internship Today!
Apply for an Internship Today!