Resettle Afghan Evacuees and Refugees

Hundreds of Afghan evacuees are arriving in Massachusetts and New Hampshire communities and IINE needs your help.

Join a Welcome Team or Sign Up for a Welcome Activity

A short-term commitment to help with pre-arrival and early resettlement activities, such as setting up apartments, cooking meals for families staying in temporary hotels, or receiving and transporting arriving individuals and families from the airport. Both team and individual activities are available. Please note that most of our Welcome Team and Welcome Activity volunteer activities take place during business hours. However, we may have occasional opportunities to get involved during the evenings and on weekends.

Become a Mentor or Tutor

Support youth and adults by tutoring during English language classes, helping adults with mock job interviews, or working as a youth mentor. A short-term commitment during day and evening class hours.


The world is filled with people who have made the difficult decision to leave their homeland in the hope of finding a safe refuge for themselves and their families. Our communities are experiencing this resettlement firsthand as Afghan evacuees arrive in substantial numbers. Members of TriCon Church in Concord came together eager to help these new neighbors. After much research, the Tricon Afghan Welcome Team put our trust in IINE as our partner in these efforts because of their years of experience in settling refugees and asylum seekers in New England.

— Carolyn Stafford Stein, member, TriCon Church

Resettle Together: Community Sponsorship at IINE

  • This project will launch in Fall 2022.

Community Sponsorship is a collaborative effort between groups of people, refugees and resettlement staff that work together to prepare for and welcome refugees to their community. Sponsor groups will provide some core resettlement services including; locating and setting up appropriate housing, airport pick up, school enrollment and cultural orientation. All sponsors will receive training on their specific responsibilities and will have ongoing support from IINE staff.

There will be Resettle Together virtual info sessions on the following dates:
*Click on the date to register


A closer look: “Resettle Together: Community Sponsorship at IINE”

Over the past several months, IINE has resettled more than 500 Afghan evacuees while simultaneously providing intensive case management and essential services to Haitians displaced by natural disasters and political unrest, children who crossed the U.S. border unaccompanied, and Ukrainians uprooted by war in […]

Donate Goods

IINE is collecting donations of goods and supplies to distribute to individuals and families arriving in Massachusetts and New Hampshire from conflict zones across the world, including Afghanistan. All donated items should be new and unopened unless otherwise noted.

Please do not contribute clothing beyond what is indicated below. We are working with local Afghan/Afghan-American groups to source culturally-appropriate clothing for Afghan evacuees.

Note: For furniture and larger items, we ask for photos to assess condition and usability before donating. We can help coordinate drop-offs at one of our off-site storage spaces.

Here is what we currently accept at:

  • Gift cards (Amazon, Walmart, Market Basket, and Target are all excellent choices)
  • Sheets (new)
  • Towels
  • Pillows (new)
  • Shaving razors
  • Comforters (gently used)
  • Kitchen goods (dishes, glasses, mugs, silverware, pots and pans, electric kettles)
  • Cooking pots and pans
  • Knives
  • Sponges
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Toilet paper
  • Feminine hygiene products (pads)
  • Trash bags
  • Brooms
  • Mops
  • Vacuums
  • Shower curtain rods
  • Shampoo
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrushes
  • Laundry detergent
  • Pillows (new)
  • Diapers (sizes 3-6)
  • Gift cards (Market Basket and Walmart)
  • Toasters
  • Microwaves
  • Slow cookers
  • Rice cookers
  • Teapots
  • Tea kettles
  • Coffee makers
  • Twin comforters
  • Queen comforters
  • Gift cards (Amazon, Walmart, Market Basket, and Target are all excellent choices)
  • Air Conditioning units needed from 5k+ BTU (in good working condition)
Tell Us What You Plan to Donate

Questions about Donations?

Lowell: Sarah Benson sbenson@iine.org
Boston: Kathy Berry kberry@iine.org
Manchester: Kateryna Kelly kkelly@iine.org

Offer Housing

We are looking for long-term (12 months or more) housing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for newly arrived Afghan evacuees and other refugees. This could include available, affordable apartments, secondary or vacation homes, accessory dwelling units, and more. We are open to creative housing solutions.

Our goal is to find affordable apartments for all newly-arriving families. Our hope is to provide families with their own private housing, rented in their own names, giving them independence and autonomy as they rebuild their lives.

It is best for evacuees and refugees if:

  • Apartments are within walking distance of our IINE offices in Boston, Lowell or Manchester or close to public transportation.
  • Apartments are NOT in rural settings which make accessing services and employment challenging.

Generally, we are looking for apartments and single-family homes for rent in the following price ranges:

  • 1-bedroom units for no more than $1,100 per month
  • 2-bedroom units for no more than $1,800 per month
  • 3-bedroom units for no more than $2,300 per month*
  • 4-bedroom units for no more than $2,500*

* Note: IINE will only place families with 2-3 working adults or more in these units.

Tell us About Housing You Have to Offer

Take Action

Since the U.S. refugee resettlement program began in 1980, the International Institute of New England has resettled more than 15,000 refugees in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Our community has mobilized to make personal phone calls and send emails to their state and federal elected representatives. Your voices are keeping refugee and immigration issues at the forefront and are helping influence state legislators and the U.S. administration to uphold America’s legacy of welcome.

Become a Corporate Partner

Companies know how important refugees and immigrants are to the success of their businesses.

Many companies and their employees are seeking ways to partner with organizations that welcome and support new Americans. The International Institute of New England is one of the oldest and largest social service organizations for immigrants and refugees in the region. We create opportunities for refugees and immigrants to succeed through resettlement, education, career advancement and pathways to citizenship. Each year, we serve more than 3,000 refugee and immigrant clients in Boston and Lowell, Massachusetts, and Manchester, New Hampshire.

Here are some ways that your company can support IINE and create powerful impact on the lives of New England’s refugees and immigrants.

Donate to Support IINE Programs

Many companies in Massachusetts and New Hampshire make generous financial contributions to IINE’s programs, which is the most direct way to create impact. Our programs include:

  • Refugee Resettlement
  • Specialized Case Management Support, including Family Reunification, Youth Mentorship, and Human Trafficking Victims Assistance
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Employment Services
  • Job Skills Training
    • Certified Nursing Assistant Program (CNA)
    • Licensed Nursing Assistant Program (LNA)
    • Pre-Construction Certification Program
  • Immigration Legal Services
Donate Today

IINE can also work with your organization to customize your program support and impact. Many life sciences and healthcare companies, for example, are eager to contribute to the healthcare navigation work that our case specialists provide to newly arrived families. Other employers support specialized English or skills training classes. We can provide a detailed proposal and follow-up with a report and data on the impact of a corporate gift. For enquiries about customized program support, contact Leilani Olson at lolson@iine.org.

Donate Goods

Each year, companies across the region organize employee drives to collect gift cards, clothing, and other necessities to help refugees and immigrants in IINE programs.  IINE staff works with companies to organize these giving campaigns. For information about corporate in-kind donation drives, contact Leilani Olson at lolson@iine.org.

Sponsor an Event

IINE holds two signature events each year and offers a range of corporate sponsorships. Events give corporate partners an opportunity to introduce their employees to IINE’s work, highlight their public support for refugees and immigrants, and increase their visibility in the community.

The Golden Door Award Gala honors a foreign-born American who has had a profound impact on the region and the country. The next Golden Door Award Gala will take place on June 3, 2022.


Our trained staff work with companies to facilitate opportunities for employees to volunteer in setting up apartments for refugees, tutoring in English classes, coaching immigrants for job interviews, and other critical activities. IINE is happy to work with you to develop an engagement program that works for your organization. Learn about our volunteer opportunities.

Find and hire talent in Massachusetts and New Hampshire

New England’s employers are facing the most acute labor shortage in more than 50 years. IINE staff have more connections in the immigrant community than any other organization in the region. IINE can help place workers in hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and other fast-growing industries.

Our employment case specialists meet with employers to learn about their staffing needs and match with the skills and suitability of our clients for various work environments. We work hard to build deep relationships with employer partners. To learn more about finding and hiring talent, contact, Alexandra Weber at aweber@iine.org.

Legal Services for your employees

Many companies hire attorneys to provide H1B and other visas for foreign-born people who come to work for them. IINE offers a range of low-cost, high-quality immigration legal services. IINE provides business, humanitarian, and family immigration legal services. Learn more about IINE immigration legal services.

Questions about how your organization can engage with IINE?  Contact Leilani Olson at lolson@iine.org.