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Each year the professional staff at IINE rely on hundreds of local volunteers to help us deliver quality services to IINE’s beneficiaries.  IINE Volunteer Managers coordinate meaningful service experiences that help provide comprehensive support to integrating refugees and immigrants, and help complement the work of our staff.

IINE’s Boston, Lowell, and Manchester sites offer opportunities for individual, community, and corporate   volunteers to tutor refugees and immigrants in English, help prepare more than 600 people to enter the American workforce, provide material support to resettling refugees, and join in cultural and community support events including lunch and conversation groups, Thanksgiving dinners, baby showers, and seasonal clothing drives.

IINE staff work to match volunteers’ interests, availability, and talents with the needs of the people we serve.  Our staff trains every volunteer before they begin their service, and volunteer opportunities range from internships and Corps member programs to day or multi-month engagements.

IINE offers the following Weekly, Monthly, and Need-Based Volunteer Opportunities at each site:

  • Education Services Support: English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Tutoring and Classroom Aides
  • Employment Services Support: Mock Interviewing and Job Club, a program that helps our clients through the employment application process
  • Community Services Support: Community Drives for Seasonal Clothing and Welcome Kits

Throughout the year, we also recruit volunteers for Special Projects that support unique site needs:


  • Lunch and Conversation – an opportunity to help a new English learner practice his/her skills over lunch (monthly basis)


  • Front Office Reception and Welcome – take a shift on the front line of our Lowell office (weekly basis)
  • Citizenship Clinics- assist newcomers with their paperwork (monthly basis)
  • Welcome Teams – be part of a group that outfits an apartment for an arriving refugee family (project basis)


  • Welcome Home – be part of a group that outfits an apartment for an arriving refugee family (project basis)
  • Winter Weatherization – be part of a group that helps a refugee family prepare their home for the New Hampshire winter (project basis)


  • First Thanksgiving – fundraise for, prepare, and take part in this annual gathering for the refugee & immigrant community (annual basis)
  • Annual Baby Shower – assist families with children by sourcing baby & kid items (annual basis)
  • Spring Bicycle Drive – be part of this annual successful drive to solicit gently used bikes and get them to individuals and families who need them for transportation (annual basis)


  • Welcome Meals – help to make a newly arrived family feel welcomed and well-fed at a community dinner (project basis)
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To receive information on IINE and to indicate your interest in volunteering, please visit this link and complete the online form. You will be contacted by a Volunteer Manager within a week. We hold information sessions for potential volunteers each month.  To see a schedule of upcoming volunteer sessions, please visit our events page.

Getting your company involved in IINE

  • If you are interested in having your company involved in IINE either in a volunteer activity or by participating in one of our events, please email jgradysavard@iine.org. We regularly hold “Lunch and Learns” at area companies to educate local business people about our work and ways they can make a difference.

Getting your church or community group involved in IINE

  • Each year dozens of churches and community groups get involved with the International Institute of New England.  Church groups collect food, clothing, household goods, gift cards and other items for refugees and other newly arrived refugees. Our staff regularly speaks to church and community groups about the work we do with refugees and immigrants, and faith-based and community groups have been made generous financial donations to IINE.  “Resettle Together” is the official title of our loose network of faith-based organizations who support IINE resettlement activities by leveraging resources, talent, and raising awareness. In 2017, Resettle Together partners helped raise $50,000 for IINE, and introduced thousands of local residents to our cause.
    • If you are interested in having your church or community organization involved in IINE in some way, please contact Cheryl Hamilton, our Director of Partner Engagement, who can be reached at chamilton@iine.org.  

Contributing to IINE

  • We cannot underscore enough how critical it is that IINE raise operating funds from individuals, foundations, corporations, and faith-based and other community groups. We currently accept donations in the following formats: cash, check, credit card, company matching gift, donor-designated funds, securities, and legacy gifts.  Funds raised directly impact our ongoing work.
    • If you are interested in helping IINE raise funds in your community, please visit this link, complete the online form and let us know that you would like to help. Volunteers have organized house parties, donated themselves, and introduced IINE to friends, family, work colleagues and others.
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  • 50 umbrellas
  • 10 coats – 3 M, 5 L and 2 XL,
  • 5 pair men’s boots size 10, 3 size 11
  • 3 pair women’s boots in size 8, 3 in size 9, 1 in size 10

1. Coats- New or gently used but MUST have working zippers and no rips.

2. Winter Boots – Boots can also be used but must be matched pairs, with working zippers, laces, and no rips.

Sending instructions: 

  • Please include your contact information so that we can send you a thank you note
  • Address packages to:
    • IINE Boston, 2 Boylston St. Boston, MA 02116, C/O Michele Ross