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15 09, 2017

This Thanksgiving, Make Room for Everyone at the Table

2022-08-10T12:56:09-04:00September 15th, 2017|

The election is over, ballots have been counted, and the results are in: This Thanksgiving, families may see a far bigger divide than who prefers dark meat over light meat. While Thanksgiving is meant to be a time to gather for a feast with your loved ones and even welcome new guests to the [...]

15 09, 2017

Statement on Anticipated Executive Order on the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program

2022-03-11T11:30:59-05:00September 15th, 2017|

We are disappointed by reports of the President’s anticipated decision to suspend the United States refugee resettlement program for 120 days, to discontinue issuing visas to people from Syria and other predominately-Muslim countries, and to reduce the number of refugees who will enter the country from 110,000 to 50,000 this fiscal year. Suspending a [...]

15 09, 2017

Our Mission Continues

2022-03-11T11:33:03-05:00September 15th, 2017|

President Trump’s executive order suspending the refugee resettlement program, placing an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees, and halting the issuance of visas to people from seven predominantly Muslim countries, is an affront to our nation’s values and our Constitution. It is also a direct attack on the mission of the International Institute of New [...]

27 06, 2017

IINE CEO Jeff Thielman’s response to U.S. Supreme Court ruling on the President’s Travel Ban

2022-03-11T11:46:07-05:00June 27th, 2017|

The Supreme Court’s decision on Monday means prolonged suffering for many refugees approved by the U.S. government to find haven in America. Sadly, people who have suffered trauma, lived in camps for years, and followed all the rules of the U.S. refugee processing system will either not be able to enter for at least another [...]

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