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IINE Leadership Team carrot arrow Andrins Renaudin

Andrins Renaudin
Shelter Services Director

Andrins Renaudin

Andrins is passionate about transformation leadership that makes a concrete difference in the lives of the people around her. She is the Founder and President of Cognitive Holistic Healing, a nonprofit that provides mental health literacy support for parents of Haitian descent who have children with registered mental health diagnoses. She serves on the Board of the Haitian American Medical Association, and is a member of the Woburn Refugee Taskforce, through which she serves as a family lifeline by responding to medical, social, and emotional needs, including providing primary trauma-informed care.
As IINE’s Shelter Services Director, Andrins is responsible for providing leadership and vision to the newly developed program at IINE, which provides case management and legal services to clients in unsupervised emergency shelters assigned by the Commonwealth. The goal of the program is to provide these clients with the services and resources they need to exit the shelter system quickly, securely, and permanently.
A lifelong learner, Andrins is currently pursuing a degree in mental health counseling. She loves to read, listen to music, travel with her son, spend time with friends and family, and cook.