Chris Ko Headshot

Christian Ko
Associate Director, Research and Evaluation

Chris believes that the numbers tell the story. He is passionate about working with data as the most objective way to measure outcomes, impact, and success, and is proud to share IINE’s work through a lens that is both understandable and enlightening. This work is very personal to Chris. An immigrant himself, Chris grew up in Guatemala with his parents, who are Taiwanese.  He was first drawn to working at IINE because he wanted to help other immigrants have the same chances that he has had in the U.S. In his current role, Chris not only tracks, monitors and analyzes data across IINE’s three sites, but also manages collaborative research projects with universities and other partners.  

Chris is fluent in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Hokkien, and also speaks basic Russian and Japanese. He loves meeting new people and learning diverse perspectives. When not knee deep in data, he gets far away from computer screens to go hiking, rock climbing, and kayaking.