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IINE Leadership Team carrot arrow Jennifer Levine-Fried

Jennifer Levine-Fried

Jennifer Levine-Fried

Because she believes so strongly in its mission, Jen takes great pride in keeping IINE as close to “audit-ready” as she can, year-round. A certified public accountant specializing in non-profit accounting, finance, and operations with more than 10 years of accounting and finance experience, she joined IINE to bring her skills and expertise to an organization in which she could feel close to the important work being done on the ground.
As an undergraduate, Jen was a prize-winning chemistry student. She holds master’s degrees in both accounting and social work and has logged many volunteer hours both as a political activist and non-profit board member.
Jen is passionate about Buffalo Bills football, women’s rights and health, social justice, and embarrassing her teenagers. She loves reading, watching movies and tv, taking naps, skiing, and running verrry slowly.