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Refugee Resettlement

IINE has served as the beacon of hope for those fleeing persecution and war in their native lands for 100 years.

The refugees we serve arrive on American shores with little to their names. Many have seen and experienced unthinkable horror. IINE strives to help each new arrival build a new life full of hope and free from violence and terror. We provide refugee resettlement services to people who are eager but filled with uncertainty as they move into a new culture and country.
Our Goal

Our Goal

The primary aim of our refugee resettlement program is to move newly arrived refugee families and individuals from total insecurity to stability. When first arriving in the U.S., needs are high. Refugees are given short-term public assistance and expected to establish self-sufficiency quickly, all while contending with formidable language and cultural barriers, and often, lingering trauma and injury. Our resettlement program provides intensive case management and comprehensive transitional assistance to new arrivals during their first year in the U.S., helping them to stabilize and confidently transition as new residents of  New England. By stabilizing our refugee clients, the Institute’s resettlement program ultimately contributes to the vibrancy and prosperity of their new communities.

Our Impact

Each year, IINE resettles more than 500 new refugees. From the moment a refugee arrives at the airport, IINE is by their side, guiding and reassuring individuals and families as they take their first steps towards a new life. Our staff work tirelessly to help families establish a foundation of support upon which to build.

From our three locations in New England, we place new arrivals in housing, help them navigate the healthcare system, connect them to health plans and public benefits, and enroll their children in public schools. We provide families with cultural orientation, place adults in our English classes, and help refugees find employment and career pathways in their new communities.

IINE Makes Real Impact

Wraparound Services

Our case specialists help refugees make social and community connections during their first year in New England. Our staff become their first and closest allies and advocates of care. Culturally and linguistically appropriate wraparound refugee resettlement services include:

Refugee Services

Securing permanent housing

Providing cultural and community orientation

Accessing community resources

Connecting families to health and mental health care

Ensuring children are enrolled in school

Supporting adults with finding employment