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Suitcase Stories

Today, people relocate and travel internationally more than at any other time in history. Whether while at home or abroad, how we view and understand diverse backgrounds is profoundly influenced by the stories we hear from neighbors, relatives, and colleagues, as well as our own interactions with people from around the world.

Suitcase Stories® explores migration through the art of storytelling. Suitcase Stories invites U.S.- and internationally-born residents to develop and share meaningful personal experiences of migration and cross-cultural exchange. These performances provide a unique way for a community to foster a more welcoming and inclusive environment for newcomers in neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces.

Suitcase Stories® are made possible through a partnership between IINE and Stellar Story Company.

Participating in Suitcase Stories was a memorable experience because it was the first time I have shared my story on stage with other refugees and immigrants to make our voices heard, and to be an advocate for the voiceless.”

– Biar Kon, IINE client and former Sudanese refugee

Biar Kon, IINE client and former Sudanese refugee

About the Storytellers

Suitcase Stories performers include a combination of professional storytellers and people new to the craft. For many storytellers, Suitcase Stories is their first time sharing the story in front of a live audience and can be a transformative experience.

Past storytellers have traveled to the U.S. from Afghanistan, Cambodia, Cuba, Haiti, Korea, Myanmar, Poland, Somalia, Sudan, and many other countries. Storytellers also include people born in the United States to reinforce how immigration is a subject that affects all of us.

Suitcase Stories for Families

Somerville 2019 – Yari Golden Castano

February 1, 2019

Nashua 2019 – Chris Ko

September 29, 2019

Manchester 2018 – Mahboba Akhtarzadah

September 30, 2018

Boston 2018 – Biar Kon

June 20, 2018

Arlington 2017 – Thi Thi Aye

May 7, 2017

Hingham 2018 – Rehema Rwakabuba

May 10, 2018