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IINE Leadership Team carrot arrow Atanur Arapoglu

Atanur Arapoglu
IT Director

Atanur Arapoglu

Atanur describes his job as turning frowns into smiles. Customer service is a passion for him, as well as working towards ever improved efficiency and a “seamless” work environment. A former refugee himself, Atanur has long been drawn to the mission of IINE. Prior to becoming Director of IT in 2022, he shared his technical knowledge and advanced problem-solving and people skills in a part-time position as IINE’s IT Solutions Specialist. Before joining the team as a staff member, he served as a frequent volunteer over 15 years, helping with apartment setups and food pantry deliveries for newly arrived refugees. During that time, he also amassed experience in the corporate world as a Business Analyst, IT Consultant, and Operations Manager.
Fulfillment in professional life and personal life go hand-in-hand for Atanur. He finds satisfaction in fixing problems, whether it’s an IINE staff member’s or someone’s he doesn’t know. In his free time, he enjoys discovering new music while helping strangers with IT issues on Reddit, and keeping up to date with international news.