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IINE Leadership Team carrot arrow Chantal Kamanzi

Chantal Kamanzi

Director of Budgeting & Reporting

Chantal Kamanzi

Chantal’s professional passion is using numbers to connect the dots, so she can understand and communicate the fiscal health of an organization she cares about. Her commitment to IINE and deep admiration for its work is rooted in her own journey as a refugee. Migrating to the U.S. was a pivotal moment in her life, which shaped her career. She feels that IINE’s initiatives are transformative, and profoundly align with her desire to make a positive impact on the lives of other individuals who have navigated the intricate and challenging path of immigration. 

Chantal brings to IINE a decade of expertise in financial management and system strengthening. In her most recent role as Associate Director of Finance and Operations at the Clinton Health Access Initiative in Uganda, she oversaw all financial operations and risk management for the country office. She effectively managed the planning and expenditure monitoring for a portfolio of up to $10 million in revenue annually. As a member of the country’s senior leadership team, Chantal provided invaluable insights and guidance, ensuring program performance was evaluated through a financial lens, ultimately delivering value for money.  

Chantal holds an MBA with a concentration in accounting, a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Finance and Accounting from Northeastern University and a certificate in Human Resource Management (HRM). 

Outside of work, she enjoys photography, art, and interior design; She loves being able to imagine the story behind a still image. She also enjoys traveling; discovering new places and trying out different dishes; music and dancing; relaxing wherever there is a beautiful view of the water, and spending time with her family. When she’s not reading on leadership, she enjoys reading about childhood development, as well as reading children’s books and watching animated movies with her son.