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IINE Leadership Team carrot arrow William Gillett

Director of Public Policy and Advocacy 

William Gillett

Bill Gillet has both deep knowledge of immigration policy and strong ties to New Hampshire’s immigrant, political, and social networks. He has received achievement awards from the Bhutanese Community of New Hampshire and the Manchester NAACP for service to the community. If there’s a piece of legislature affecting immigrants in New Hampshire, Bill has studied and likely discussed it with decision-makers. 

Throughout his career, Bill has continually sought out opportunities to make a real difference in people’s lives. He’s found them as a long-time university dean, as a former Chair in Ethics and Social Responsibility at Southern New Hampshire University, and as a nine-year Board of Directors member, and now Director of Public Policy and Advocacy, for IINE. He’s motivated

in his current work by an appreciation for how greatly immigrants have contributed to our national culture and economy, and a desire to ensure they can continue to do so. 

When not working, Bill treasures spending time with his family and can often be found outdoors, walking his dogs, cycling, sailing, kayaking, or skiing.